How I Survived After “Speedball”

Back when I first started shooting up with my brother I tried a lot of different things. Yeah, we were chasing the casual high that comes from heroin and man it was great, but I was young and always ready to try new things.

Of course, my brother was hesitant at first. He used drugs like it was nobodies problem but I was his little bro, and I guess the last vestiges of responsibility still rested on his shoulders. He didn’t want me in as deep as him.

It was too late, ya know? I told him I could experiment on my own if he didn’t want to chill with me. Guess he thought it was safer to stick it through with me, so we started branching out a bit.

So using the speedball drug isn’t something I’d honestly recommend because mixing drugs is freaking DANGEROUS and they can react badly, and you never know how your body will respond. It can respond very badly, and I was both lucky my body didn’t go haywire and lucky I did it with my brother, so I wasn’t alone.

Not to say you should use drugs at all, but using alone presents its own dangers, and you need to be careful because street drugs are never pure which means they can have stuff mixed in that kills you. If it’s too pure that can kill you too, I’m not gonna sugar coat it.

Speedball is one of those mixtures you try just because, and it is cocaine mixed heroin. There are cheaper versions where they mix stimulants with heroin together that you take if you don’t have the money to get real speedball, it’s all the same.

Of course, my big brother looked out for me and got the “good stuff” because at least we knew what we had instead of just random crushed up pills. We didn’t really see ourselves as junkies because we weren’t willing to hurt ourselves taking random stuff, but honestly, that didn’t mean anything. Whether you take high-end drugs or you don’t know what you’re taking you’re still a junkie you’re still a slave to the drugs.

Opioids are depressant drugs which mean they slow the systems down and cocaine is a stimulant which speeds you up. Mixing them together means they counter some of the side effects of one or the other or enhance the high of them.

Speedballing the drugs can actually make them way more dangerous. The danger was part of the fun… I guess?

The intense high that came from speedballing was insane I’d never felt that before and it was an amazing rush. I was basically inert for hours yet flying high in my head didn’t know where I was and didn’t even care.

I experienced the usual side effects of cocaine use, but they were counteracted by heroin I was basically done. For my brother though he actually didn’t wake up when I did. He was still laying there when I finally came to, and he was breathing so low I couldn’t tell if he was breathing at all at first and I was so scared.

He almost overdosed. Yeah, my experienced brother almost died. If I hadn’t woke up when I did or been there, I don’t know what would have happened. He got to the hospital, and he survived, and I felt guilty as hell for pushing for him to use speedball with me.

But that wasn’t enough to stop me using drugs, of course not, because drug addiction is the most important thing even more important than our health.

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